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Malibu Dana

The Rebecca One-Piece

The Rebecca One-Piece

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A white one piece swimsuit with cutouts and butterfly closure, named for Rebecca- a Breast Cancer survivor. 

This swimwear fits like a sexy second skin, and the fabric is made with specially sourced fabrics to meet softness standards.

1  (size XS/S..size 00-2)
2  (size S/M.. size 4-6)
3  (size M/L .. size 8-10) 
Due to the sensitive and intimate nature of the garments, the pieces are final sale. Please contact us if you have an issues with the items you receive. 
Rebecca's Story: 
Introducing “The Rebecca” one piece.. I met Rebecca @rebeccaewingfisher three years ago when I was just coming out of my cocoon and spreading my wings with bourbon, bacon, & yoga. Rebecca had just been diagnosed..I think she was in shock and still in the acceptance phase which is damnably painful. The fear of the unknown can be paralyzing. I kept telling her not to have expectations, that the doctors try not to scare you by telling you worst case scenarios, basically by not telling you too much. It’s already scary enough hearing the words you have breast cancer. Rebecca has since undergone surgeries, chemo and a harrowing treatment regime, but it’s now three years later and she’s come out the other side brighter and shinier and even more beautiful. She is fluttering hard. She’s become a butterfly. She has so much to live for. Her little boy is her knight and she shines so bright. I am so grateful to have met her..she will be rocked the The Rebecca one piece on the runway with me at the United Against Cancer calendar launch this past October. I can’t think of a better ambassador for my brand with her tenacity, her butterfly strength, and the beauty she radiates. Rebecca, you have touched my heart and I thank the universe and our mutual angel for bringing us together. Keep on fluttering fiercely you shiny beautiful spirit xo your Malibu Dana 🦋
Out of stock, but you have to have it? Send us a note- and we’ll see what we can do!
Out of stock, but you have to have it? Send us a note- and we’ll see what we can do!
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