Dana Richards is a philanthropist, a breast cancer survivor, and a butterfly.

She has spent the past two decades creating and producing unscripted programming- with shows that include: Food Network's "Ace of Cakes", TLC's "Bride by Design", & SyFy's "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen".

As a 13 year breast cancer survivor, she is deeply committed to helping other breast cancer patients and advocating for breast cancer awareness - as well as early detection.  She works closely with The Breast Cancer Fundraiser, (request a WeCare Package here) and non-profit organizations that are dear to her heart. Malibu Dana is also collaborating with the Dr Susan Love Research Foundation through her LOVE collection.

When Dana isn’t developing her next show, volunteering, or blowing up the world with bourbon, bacon, and yoga - she is traveling, fluttering, laughing, and spreading love and happiness wherever she can. With gratitude for every day and every breath.. her passion for life is what most defines her spirit, and she promises to continue play her part by helping and inspiring others.