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Malibu Dana

The Natalie Blue Butterfly Bikini Top

The Natalie Blue Butterfly Bikini Top

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A blue triangle bikini with butterflies, named for Natalie- a Breast Cancer survivor. (This listing if for the top only, click here for matching bottoms

An amazingly comfortable fit with no hardware, this bikini is a sexy, second skin. (And super soft!)


1  (size XS/S..size 00-2)
2  (size S/M.. size 4-6)
3  (size M/L .. size 8-10) 
Due to the sensitive and intimate nature of the garments, the pieces are final sale. Please contact us if you have an issues with the items you receive. 
Natalie's Story:
The Natalie” butterfly strong bikini 🦋💪.. each suit has the namesake of someone who has touched my heart. Natalie @natalie_grumet is such a special light force on this planet. She was diagnosed with very aggressive breast cancer at just 27.. she had a grueling treatment regime and beat cancer... her first comeback. She had already endured so much and defied the odds, and in 2017 she and her husband went to Las Vegas to commemorate her 10 year anniversary of being cancer free. That was the weekend of the deadliest mass shooting in US history. Natalie was at the music festival and was almost killed with a gun shot to her beautiful face. As she explains so painfully when she now speaks in front of groups was that as she was laying there being held together by strangers, her will to live was so strong because of the adversity she had already endured and faced.. and many many surgeries later, she is a miracle .. fluttering before us. She has faced insurmountable odds and her story inspires everyone she touches with her courage, strength, and sheer tenacity to keep going. She survived a gun shot wound in the 2017 Vegas shooting on the 10 year anniversary of being cancer free and when people ask her how do you remain happy and optimistic..she says, “why wouldn’t I?” I have tears streaming down my face as I write this.. she is quite honestly one of the bravest and most inspiring people I have ever met. We fortuitously met at a WeGive Day through @thebcf .. and she has taught me so much. She said she had been following for me for a long time on Instagram and wanted to meet me because she wanted to meet a butterfly. But the truth is I aspire to be like her... Natalie, you remind me that the comeback is always stronger than the setback. Two comebacks later and you have used all of that adversity for the power of good. You helped me understand that surviving breast cancer can prepare you for any obstacle - if you let it. I’m in awe of you @natalie_grumet .. you are quite simply the definition of Butterfly Strong. You are an inspiration to all who you have touched. With gratitude for your indomitable spirit and for every breath xo your malibu dana 🦋 #butterflystrong
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