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Malibu Dana & Mychel's Learning Place Article

"Dana Richards has been giving to our GEM program for 2 years. We are so grateful for her support & involvement in our organization! When asked why she is a GEM member Dana explained:

"I am humbled to be a part of this incredible South Bay community and to play my small part in championing Mychal’s Learning Place. The first time I heard their founder, Ed Lynch, speak, his heartfelt words inspired everyone lucky enough to listen, and he profoundly (and forever) touched my heart. I had tears of gratitude streaming down my face for a kindred spirit who has turned his own heartbreak, pain and loss into a life of philanthropy, kindness, and service. Nobody should have their goals and opportunities limited simply because they have a disability. What could be more beautiful than helping these individuals find their greater purpose through their awe-inspiring after school and young adult programs. I am grateful to have the opportunity through Mychal’s Learning Place to continue to impact and change the lives of our children and young adults who deserve to shine..they are an inspiration to us all."

A life of service sometimes chooses you; sometimes you choose it. I believe serving your community is part of your civic duty. It took me years to find my way back to the light after a breast cancer diagnosis at 35. My greatest mission is to help breast cancer patients, yes, but it’s also to be a cheerleader for the nonprofits that speak to my heart, especially the ones in my own backyard. Find your passion (whatever that is for you) and volunteer. Light a path for others to follow. Humanity is beautiful.

With gratitude for that incredible ripple effect of generosity I feel behind me throughout the South Bay and beyond.

Malibu Dana, Butterfly, & believer in good

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To learn more about Mychal’s Learning Place mission, to volunteer, to help these children and young adults find a greater purpose, to attend their Spring luncheon,
bingo fundraiser in the Fall or their pier to pier Santa Stroll in December, DM me - or go to @mychalslearningplace

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