United Against Cancer Fashion Show

This isn't just a fashion show. We are using this as a medium to promote an important message - early detection and prevention of cancer will save lives.

This event drives us closer to our purpose while at the same time inspiring people and making them happy. Thank you all for believing in our cause.

Check out our beautiful breast and ovarian cancer survivors, advocates and models who walked the runway in honor of their families impacted by cancer. Jamaica Literato Banez Marivic Agoncillo Bacorro Camille Dyquiangco Myrene Delmundo Janine Laluces Jacqueline Yu Joshua Chan Jairo Antonio Riascos Mejia Raquel Basco Julia Saori Annette Velasco Audrey DeLong Dana Leiken Richards
Rica Villanueva Calpotura Lito de la Rama Tony Calpotura Steve Leonardo Villamor Espiritu Barry Bond Picazo Claudette Segovia Rolly Esquivel Cruz Celia Esparza Molina Esme Gutierrez Manya Nofal Geraldine Picazo Ben Acorda Radi Calalang Trisha Bantigue

Photos by: Jho BuleFilamstar Newspaper Christopher Otrebla/Simple 2C Photos
Featuring designs by gia, galicia, Rolando Carlin, Renee Gee and other designers.

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