Becoming a Butterfly

Want a reality check?

This is me 12 years ago. I can still look in the rearview mirror and see her. She is part of me.. because she reminds me of the metamorphosis, the transformation, the becoming.. everything I do now from the moment I wake up, is to help my butterfly warriors who are standing exactly where I was 12 years ago.

My dignity chipped away at 35, everything I thought I was, was gone in the most difficult humanizing journey of my life, my innocence was gone yes, but I fought so damn hard to be here. I am now forever dauntless, my middle name is now resilience, and my greater purpose is clear as day...

To spread joy and happiness wherever I can, to be present for every breast cancer patient who needs me, to live with purpose, to serve this planet and all of my breast cancer warriors, to advocate for early detection, to create a world where no breast cancer patient feels alone, to inspire those going through treatment, to show them there is SO much life to live if you are vigilant, get checked, get mammograms, catch it early and fight, to help survivors find their way after being defined by doctors appointments, surgeries, chemo, radiation, and medication for years and years ... And in my case (and many young survivors) infertility due to the chemo that saved my life.

But you know what, I am still here.. breathing, living, and loving every breath. I’m one of the lucky ones y’all...I get to keep fluttering for a cause that feeds my soul. I wake up every day and repeat: Butterfly, today you do the best that you can by serving this planet and all the butterflies out there.. always striving to do more, to be better.. to work tirelessly for the causes that touch my heart.. to live fearlessly.. to be a guiding light for those going through the darkness to help them find their way back to the light. 

Every day I repeat to myself, Butterfly, today, do the best that you can - and know in your heart that that is enough.. and no matter what, keep going. Always keep going.

With gratitude for my 12th year fluttering on this planet and for every breath.

xo Malibu Dana

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