Walk With Love 2023


Walk With Love 2023 Recap
We Walked With Love together as one - Butterfly to Butterfly - Wing to Wing... Heart to Heart 🫶 We walked as a team from Paris to Mallorca to Washington DC to Northern California to Hermosa Beach to Long Beach.

Team Malibu Dana raised an incredible $2500 to help the fight to end breast cancer. My original goal started at $500 and I just kept moving the goal line up because of our fiercest team member Chelese, who is currently undergoing chemo and battling breast cancer. She told me her goal was to walk the 5k, and she did it! Chelese, you are a warrior butterfly and so inspiring to us all. Keep fighting my love. You are unstoppable! 💪

Thank you to the Dr. Susan Love Foundation for Breast Cancer Research for their commitment to finding a cure. We are so proud of our team for being part of the fight and helping you raise over $98,000. Together we will end breast cancer.

Most gratefully yours,
Xo Malibu Dana 🦋, 13 years strong


"When you participate in Walk With Love, the money you raise supports collaborative, cutting-edge research focused on improving the lives of people impacted by this disease." You can still help by donating at the link here. 


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