We all have the potential to change the world with even the smallest of actions, and I was humbled to be the GEM January spotlight for Mychal’s Learning Place. And I am honored they have asked me to become an official ambassador and Friend to Mychal’s. I am grateful to have the opportunity through Mychal’s Learning Place to continue to impact and change the lives of our children and young adults who deserve to shine..they are an inspiration to us all.

Mychal’s Learning Place provides the support, training and opportunities to youth and young adults with developmental disabilities to build their independence and pursue their goals and dreams.

The first time I heard their founder, Ed Lynch, speak, his heartfelt words inspired everyone lucky enough to listen, and he profoundly (and forever) touched my heart. I had tears of gratitude streaming down my face for a kindred spirit who has turned his own heartbreak, pain and loss into a life of philanthropy, kindness, and service. 

 Together we raised over $340,000 for Mychal's Learning Place!

At this year’s Mychal’s Learning Place luncheon, my dear friend and mentor, Suzanne Sharer most humbly accepted this year’s 2023 Angel Award. She received a standing ovation, one she so richly deserved as she is an angel among us. It was an acknowledgement for her big beautiful heart, her humanity and her continued generosity & dedication to our South Bay community and to Mychal’s Learning Place. Her moving, tearful speech about her niece’s disabilities and the triumph of the human spirit touched us all. And to watch all the kids and young adults up on stage dancing their hearts out yesterday because Mychal’s has given them greater purpose.

I first met Suzanne volunteering a committee member than advisory board member for another amazing South Bay charity, Walk With Sally, which is a mentorship program and non-profit to help the children and siblings of those impacted by cancer. And I’m equally passionate about the incredible programs and opportunities Mychal’s Learning Place has given to these children and young adults who just need their chance to shine their light.

To learn more about Mychal’s Learning Place mission, to volunteer, to donate, to help these children and young adults find a greater purpose, to attend next year’s Spring luncheon, their bingo fundraiser in the Fall or their pier to pier Santa Stroll in December, DM me - or go to @mychalslearningplace 


Embracing different is what Mychal’s Learning Place impactful - their principles and creed:

• Create Friendships
• Feel Accepted & Loved
• Develop Individual Talents & Skills
• Learn Job Skills
• Teamwork
• Shared Experience With Peers
• Encouraging Independence
• Home Away From Home

Love ❤️ = Hope 🙏



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