Live with passion, pursue happiness and inspire others with the light that shines in each of us! With gratitude for my life and for every breath,

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Dana Richards is a 8 year breast cancer survivor, a television producer, a yogi, a tee shirt designer, a Malibu resident, and a bourbon enthusiast.

After graduating from Virginia Tech, Dana migrated to Los Angeles and began her career with the NBC Page Program. Dana has produced thousands of hours of television. She is the creator of Ace of Cakes, which appeared on the Food Network for 10 seasons, which she followed with Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen for Syfy. Her most recent creation is TLC’s Bride By Design.

Her passion for life and helping others has led her to her newest venture, designing tee shirts, trucker hats, and apparel for a bigger cause.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 35 years old, and after a long journey including multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation, she has made it her mission to advocate for early detection. Dana plays a very active role as an advisory board member and ambassador for THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser. The BCF’s mission is to preserve the dignity of breast cancer patients during treatment, helping to cover integrative care services not covered by insurance. Their signature service is the WeCare package, which provides small gifts of love to economically disadvantaged patients nationwide.

When Dana isn’t developing her next show, volunteering, or blowing up the world with bourbon, bacon, and yoga, she is traveling, living, loving, laughing, and appreciating every single moment. With gratitude for every day and every breath, her passion for life is what most defines her spirit, and she promises to continue to play her part by helping and inspiring others.